Community Issues

Canadian Martyrs

Ottawa developer, Ashcroft has proposed building two high-rise towers (27 and 31 stories) on 5900 Inglis Street at the site of the Canadian Martyrs Church. Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has rejected the application but Ashcroft is taking the matter to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) in an effort to overturn the City’s decision. Park to Park Community Association (and other Community groups) is opposed to this outsized, inappropriate development in our neighbourhood and we have been granted intervenor status at the UARB hearings, October 25, 2016. HRM and Saint Mary’s University have also been granted intervenor status at the UARB hearings

Wellington Street

Wellington Street Site (formerly the Dino Capital site)

In 2012, Dino Capital Ltd. received development permits for four properties located at 1034, 1042, 1050 and 1056 Wellington Street to build a high rise development. The process to oppose this development was long and winding, and ultimately resulted in improvements to the original proposal for Wellington Street. (For the full chronology of the development of the Wellington Street site, formerly known as the Dino Capital Site, see the section Wellington Street.)

In March 2016, the Park to Park Community Association Board was made aware of an impending sale of the Dino Capital property (on Wellington Street) to a Toronto developer. We had the opportunity to meet with the new owner, David Wex of Urban Capital, Toronto in April, 2016 to discuss the transition. The Board was encouraged that the new owner was interested in meeting with us to share his ideas for the design and to hear our suggestions.

Gorsebrook Park

A unique space in south end Halifax - 2 baseball diamonds, 3 tennis courts, 1 lacrosse rink, 1 Class A soccer pitch, 42 plot community garden, And tobogganing and skiing in the winter.

Gorsebrook Park has been affected by unwanted and inappropriate development in the area and as such, it is more important than ever to protect the Park from encroachment by developers.

In a recent community meeting with Councillor Waye Mason, less is more, seemed to be the overriding theme, with emphasis on maintaining the current park lands and if opportunities were to arise such as an unwanted school closure, that those lands be added to the park, not developed. There was no support for more highrise development around the Park.

Centre Plan

The Centre Plan is phase three of HRMbyDesign, following the establishment of the Regional Centre vision and principles in phase one, and the creation of the Downtown Halifax Plan in phase two. Taken as a whole, the three phases present a vision of a dense, livable and prosperous Regional Centre (Dartmouth and Halifax urban core).

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Park to Park stays involved in a number of planning and development issues that may affect our neighbourhoods in the South End of Halifax. If you know of anything we should be aware of, please send us an email at