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Links of Interest

Planning in other places

    On how to make attractive cities :: A short youtube video demonstrating why some cities both now and in the past are considered attractive...what characteristics make them so appealing to live in.
From the Book of Life...a short youtube video.

    Midrise development in Toronto :: A new document talking about planning in Toronto ...section on midrise development on narrow streets versus avenues.

The Centre Plan

    The Centre Plan :: A short summary of the Centre Plan vision, goals and objectives.

    Design Manual S-1 :: This is the design manual applied to Downtown. Descriptions of sections 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 can be found here. As part of the MPS amendment for Dino, these must be applied to the new site plan.

Other Links

    Halifax Regional Municipality website :: Wayne Mason – Councillor District 7 – Peninsula South Downtown
Phone: 902-490-8462

    Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board website :: Email:
Phone: 902-424-4448