Wellington Street


Sale of the Dino Capital Ltd. /Wellington Street site

to a new developer


In March 2016, the Park to Park Community Association Board was made aware of an impending sale of the Dino Capital property to a Toronto developer.   We had the opportunity to meet with the new owner, David Wex of Urban Capital, Toronto in April, 2016 to discuss the transition. The Board was encouraged that the new owner was interested in meeting with us to share his ideas for the design and to hear our suggestions.


While we are disappointed in the overall process that brought us to this point (Council approval for 10 stories & 140,000 sq. ft.), we saw the ownership transition as having many positive aspects. First and foremost the construction of high end condos and a new design highlighting the lovely Gorsebrook Park location.


In view of the purchase by Urban Capital and the new design, Park to Park Board members reviewed the recommendations put forward after the January, 2016 PAC meeting and submitted a letter to the April 28, 2016 PAC meeting noting that with the new design and new developer, many of the issues raised were no longer significant. We reiterated our ongoing concerns for potential phasing, construction staging in the Park, landscaping requirements should phasing occur and other issues. We commended the increased Park transition distance and the addition of multiple townhouses to the design. 


Current  Status of the Wellington Street Site


On September 8, 2016 Community Council approved the Development Agreement for Gorsebrook Park condominium residence.  Park to Park members supported that approval while making it clear to Council that the Public process remains flawed.


Park to Park will continue to monitor the development to ensure construction guidelines and mitigation are followed and the Development Agreement is implemented as intended. 


We thank all our members for their efforts to stop development that is incompatible with our neighbourhood. We look forward to your support in the future as we tackle inappropriate development in the neighbourhood and in HRM. 


Without the efforts of Park to Park and concerned residents we would have been faced with a bigger and far less attractive rental development that would certainly negatively affected our neighbourhood.  High end condos, good design, a smaller foot print and a quality developer are all positive gains.  

Pat Whitman, Chair

Chris Annand, Vice Chair

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