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Welcome to our Neighbourhood

Thank you for visiting the Park to Park Community Association website.

We are a volunteer, community association committed to responsible development within our South End Halifax neighbourhoods.

We support:

  • strengthening and preserving the distinctive character of South End Halifax
  • community oversight and active engagement in planning and development issues that affect our neighbourhoods
  • responsible development that fits with the character of the community

The Park to Park Community Association encompasses the general area of South End Halifax, specifically the boundaries of the South End Area Plan of the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), which includes Gorsebrook Park, Victoria Park and Point Pleasant Park. We were incorporated in 2014 under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. For more information see the section MOA (Memorandum of Association).

The Park to Park Community Association was formed to give residents a more significant voice in the matters affecting our neighbourhoods, such as:

  • increased pressure from spot rezoning
  • changing traffic patterns 
  • green space usage demands
  • inappropriate development applications
  • HRM policy decisions that negatively affect our neighbourhoods

We have represented the concerns of residents in the Dino development on Wellington Street, the development of two high rise towers on Inglis Street by Ottawa developer Ashcroft, the BANC development proposal on Wellington Street, as well as, other developments that impact our area.  Park to Park has also made numerous comments on the Centre Plan – a plan that will affect all residents on the Halifax peninsula.


Our Association keeps an eye on other development matters impacting neighbourhood liveability.  We would love to have you involved. Please see our contact page if you are interested in becoming a member or volunteering!

Pat Whitman, Chair

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