Park to Park AGM

 We are pleased to advise that the Annual General Meeting of Park to Park Community Association will take place as follows:

Day and Time:                                   Monday, June 26, 2017, 7PM

Location:                                             Common Room, Level P2, Century Tower, 1074 Wellington St

We are pleased to advise that our Councillor, Waye Mason, will be able to attend.

We look forward to seeing all of you.

We want to thank you for the support you provided during the Canadian Martyrs UARB hearing last fall.  We have continued to participate in discussions on the Centre Plan, on Construction Mitigation and other matters and how they might affect our neighbourhood and will continue to monitor activities on Wellington St and invite your comments at any time on matters of concern.


At the upcoming Annual Meeting a motion will be put forward to change our By-Laws to eliminate the collection of annual membership dues and replace it with a one time, life membership fee, the amount to be set by the Board of Directors.   We hope to increase our membership and encourage you to invite your neighbours to join.   Periodically we may have to solicit donations for upcoming expenses and know we can count on you to support your local association - Park to Park.  Our Treasurer will be present to accept dues from new members and any donations current members may wish to make at this time.

The current By-Laws state:

6. Membership in the Society shall consist of:

(a) the minimum of 5 subscribers to the Memorandum of Association,

(b) those who support the objects of the Society, and are over the age of 18.

(c) those whose name and address is written in the Register of Members by the secretary,

(d) those who pay an annual fee in an amount to be determined by the Society.

(e) those who reside within the boundaries of the geographic area of the South End Area Plan of the Halifax Regional Plan.


We are recommending that Article 6. (d) be revised to read

6. (d) those who pay a life membership in an amount to be determined by the society.


Closer to the date of the Annual Meeting we will forward the agenda including our current financial report.  We also encourage any members to consider joining PtP's Board of Directors. Elections for the Board will take place at the AGM.