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 AGM 2019 Summary

The Annual Report was delivered by Pat Whitman

 The year’s activities were reviewed, including the Association members  attendance at many meetings associated with the Centre Plan, and neighbourhood development.  Disappointment was expressed  concerning the BANC project now approved for Wellington Street. It remains unclear when work will start on that project; no demolition permit has been issued yet.  It is estimated that Gorsebrook Park will be fully completed in the fall of 2020.  Followup on the noise by-law matter, and a report is anticipated soon and a final construction mitigation plan is expected in December/January.  Interest in plans for the upgrading and management of Gorsebrook Park itself continues, with a staff report expected in November/December.  questions remain as to process and public consultation. 

Chris Annand presented an update on the Centre Plan where despite our efforts Council decided that developers should get the last word.  In the draft plan of 2017 the  HR designation had a max height designation of 6 stories and a proposed maximum FAR of 3.5.  Developers objected to the  FAR constraints imposed. 

The changes in the 2019 final draft left us with no  FAR ...rather maximum height in HR1 and built form .  Built form means building can occupy almost the entire lot with minimal set backs and stepbacks required.  So essentially no light penetration, no green spaces, fewer trees  and less affordable housing...... as we replace what is available with expensive density. The entire Southend has been designated HR1. 

We were dismayed by the ongoing site specific process showcased by the now approved BANC proposal on Wellington St . No rationale was presented for the Council decision for the 8/9 stories  other than the overused  weasel words... reasonably consistent with or generally aligned with the CP when it was apparent nothing aligned with any version of the CP .  BANC has six years to start the work, and ten years to complete.  

Phase B of the Centre Plan process will look at existing residential, and it is thought that Young Avenue will be an emerging issue; Park to Park participation will depend on membership interest.  Councillor Mason commented  on some other applications;

The Financial Report was presented by Liza Bristow, treasurer.  She reported a balance of $2795.59, a large part of which reflects our participatory budgeting grant for Park improvements of $2100.  

The following have re-offered for service on the Board: Pat Whitman, Chris Annand, Liza Bristow, Harold Leblanc, Oriel MacLennan.  Janet Leigh-Shaffner and Jen Powley are stepping down and Rebecca Jamieson indicated a willingness to join the Board.  A new slate was presented to the meeting; acceptance with all in favour.


Waye Mason reported on topics currently under discussion and study at City Council; these included:

-building a stadium ,removing the crane downed during Hurricane Dorian, ticketing garbage , homecoming upcoming in Dalhousie area, Centre Plan matters such as heritage protection, affordable housing & package B, participatory budgeting process.

Questions as follows:

Timing for HRM council reform, repair of  Wex/Marco incursions onto south laneway into the park, tree replacement policy , speed limits within the city and noisy mufflers issues.