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 Park to Park AGM ....2018

Park to Park held there annual AGM on Monday June 25, 2018 .  The meeting was held at Wellington South and featured our Councillor and Deputy Mayor Waye Mason as Guest speaker.  Attendees were brought up to date on many issues including the Centre Plan, new developments in our area( see below) the Noise bylaw , construction mitigation....for more detail go to ....more 


 Revised Centre Plan ...update 

Once the draft CP and bylaws were released in the spring,  the board and some other members of Park to Park attended one or more of a  series of Open house events and visited the store front location on George Street to ask specific questions.   A written submission was provided by to Planning staff by Park to Park. 

To see some of our key comments: .....more 


 Banc Proposal for Wellington Street and Victoria South Park rejected by PAC 

Planning advisory committee meetings were held May 28 and June 25th at City Hall. Victoria South Park was rejected primarily based on the proposed demolition of two historic houses and traffic . Comments on the Banc proposal focused on a lack of alignment with the Centre Plan height and mass and a significant lack of any benefit to the neighbourhood. We hope the developer in both cases paid attention to the comments and will return with a better overall designs that promote the livability and character of our neighbourhood. The projects now move on to Community Council. 


 Another Highrise proposed for Wellington St!!

Banc Investments has applied (case 20774) to build an 8 story, 101 unit apartment  on Wellington Street.  Park to Park attended the Public information session on April 19 and outlined neighbourhood concerns and why we support midrise development in our residential neighbourhood .....more 

 Willow Tree Group Needs Help

The Willow Tree Group are preparing for their latest round in their fight against APL’s proposed high rise at the corner of Quinpool and Robie (January 16, at City Hall). If you wish to help ....more 

The unveiling

Gorsebrook Park - commemorative plaque unveiling Dec 2, 2017

 Thanks to a participatory budgeting grant from Councillor Waye Mason and voted on by neighbours, we have been able to proceed with this celebration of Gorsebrook Park as part of much needed greenspace in the City and acknowledgement to Enos Collins the original owner of the pasture land. .....more 


 Construction Noise in Residential Neighbourhoods 

If you haven't experienced it yet ....you soon will .....if Council continues to approve large developments in our Southend Neighbourhood, prior to the Centre Plan being introduced.  Now delayed, yet again!  In the hope of alleviating this growing concern , Park to Park has requested that permitted construction hours be changed to bring Halifax in line with cities like Toronto and Vancouver.  This would mean no construction on Sunday and Statutory holidays and reduced hours on Saturday and during the week.  Halifax purports to be a progressive,  a people first city.  Let's put it to the test.  Letter to Council   


 Park to Park AGM ....early notice of meeting and bylaw change 

It's that time again. 

We are pleased to advise that the Annual General Meeting of Park to Park Community Association will take place as follows:

Day and Time:                                   Monday, June 26, 2017, 7PM

Location:                                             Common Room, Level P2, Century Tower, 1074 Wellington St

Councillor, Waye Mason, will be in attendance 

We look forward to seeing all of you. More 

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