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Canadian Martyrs Church sale 

Park to Park request for intervenor Status 

September 7, 2016 VIA E-MAIL

Elaine Wagner 
Chief Clerk of the Board 

Dear Ms. Wagner: 
RE: Matter M07610 – Ashcroft Homes Inc.

Request for Intervenor Status by Park to Park Community Association

We represent Park to Park Community Association, a South end neighbourhood association, and registered society, established initially in response to concerns around inappropriate development in our community. Please accept this letter as the Association's request for intervenor status in this matter.



How the decision to close and sell Canadian Martyrs property to the highest bidder contrasts with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and recent calls from Church leadership


Church Teaching

Local church decision making process

In many of Pope Francis’ recent letters and speeches, he calls for Church reform in the areas of dialogue and inclusion of voices.

There has been no authentic dialogue. Local church leaders manipulated an illusion that parishioners were being listened to in a bogus consultation process. The decision to close andsell Canadian Martyrs was made before the consultation process began. There has been a complete lack of transparency throughout this process and dissenting voices have been marginalized



Letter to Church 


Father Mark Cherry, Pastor

Deacon Dan Daley, Chair, Pastoral Planning Team

Ms. Stephanie Caldwell, Chair, Transition Committee

Saint Thomas Aquinas Canadian Martyrs Parish

1725 Oxford St.

Halifax, NS B3H 3Z7


Re: Proposal for a multi storey development on Canadian Martyrs Site on Inglis Street


We are writing on behalf of the neighbourhood of which Canadian Martyrs Parish has so long been a part. Park to Park Community Association (PtP) is very concerned about the proposal by Ashcroft Homes, an Ottawa firm, to purchase the church site on Inglis Street and build two 20+ storey private student residences on the property.



Canadian Martyrs Church Sale



Current status of sale of Canadian Martyrs Church property

It is under sales agreement to be sold to Ashcroft Homes of Ottawa. This "twin Fenwick" development will have serious and long lasting effects on our neighbourhood and on your properties in particular – not just from increased population and traffic but potentially a loss in property values and quality of life.

Zoning and HRM Planning Position

This site is zoned U1 with height limit of 38’ and extending approximately 30M into the campus area and U2 in the inner campus which has no height limit.  The U zones state a "residence for university students" is allowed in that area not a commercial rental accommodation such as Ashcroft seems to be proposing.

HRM has rejected the Application from Ashcroft to tear down the church and build these two massive towers.  

Unlike an MPS/LUB amendment as we had on Wellington Street with Dino Capital, this project does not go through HRM Council nor can be voted down by our Councillor, Waye Mason, who opposes this application – this appeal is going to the Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Board, a semi-quasi-judicial hearing process.  


You received a Notice of Public Hearing of this upcoming appeal because

a.You live within 500’ of the property in question. b. This presumes that this application may/will have an effect on your property

As stated above, we believe that approval of this application will definitely affect all of us.

You may, as the UARB notice states, participate to speak or write. As it is a judicial type of hearing, we are advised they listen to facts not emotional commentary.

Park to Park Community Association

Your neighbourhood association, established over three years ago will be filing as an Intervenor representing its members. Some of you on Inglis Street in particular are not members of PtP and this could be important on how we are perceived by the UARB and the appellant.  

If not a member, we invite you to join our association. Please see section Contact Us; the membership fee is $10. You will be assured of being included in all our communication on this matter and other issues affecting our area, going forward.

This does not mean you cannot participate individually as well. If you have questions, you can email us at parktoparkhfx@gmail.com.

The time is now and we must speak up and residents of Inglis Street, in particular, must move to protect your properties.

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